Cadet Colleges are made for ethical, physical academic and personality, grooming of young souls. Discipline and mannerism are the prime focus while intellectual capabilities of young cadets are being polished and developed.

Cadet College Petaro, the second oldest Cadet College of the country, has always endeavoured to continue nation building by producing great scholars, professional soldiers, politicians, businessmen, engineers, doctors etc. Good quality education, personality development and physical have been the top priority at Cadet College Petaro. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers spend day and night to satisfy this education. Our well-equipped and state of the art facilities and academic programmes and enriched by after-school activities, which give our students opportunities to stretch their minds and their bodies. Students at CCP ante taught the skills and values necessary for success in life. The college has recently established the Cambridge System of education. The results being produced by our students despite being expand to rigorous physical exertion are matchable with any good institute of the country.

This year, the college has undertaken another challenging task of establishing Chinese Language Centre at the college which is being run by native Chinese volunteers teachers.

We are very proud of our history, our values, our standing facilities and the high standards achieved by our cadets in all field of life. The college is always supported and strengthened by parents and lot of Petarians.