Matriculation System:College has two separate academic wings; one is for matric system and other for Cambridge system. Matric system has classes from VII to XII. The class rooms are designed for better learning environment. College has well equipped Chemistry, Physics, and Biology labs. We also have state of the art IT labs. Similarly college has English & Chinese language Labs. Two native Chinese Teachers are available for teaching Chinese language.

Cambridge System:The Cambridge wing has been designed according to the latest educational needs. It has its own Computer, General Science and Chemistry Labs. College has a well Established Library with Library and internet Facility We also has a presentation hall and examination block.

There are eight hostels at the campus. These are called houses , named after the great personalities of national and regional importance, i.e. Jinnah House, Liaquat House, Ayub House, Latif House, Iqbal House, M.B.Qasim House, Shahbaz House and Sachal House.
A housemaster, assisted by two assistant housemasters manages each house as per college rules and regulations. This team is responsible to prepare the cadets for Inter-House Competitions in all the three dimensions, i.e. Academic, Sports, and Co-curricular Activities for the general Championship Trophy.
With a view to train young cadets to shoulder responsibilities and exercise authority the college has devised a system of cadet appointment. Each House has a cadet captain, two senior leading cadets, two leading cadets, two junior leading cadets and two kellick Cadets. And cadet captain sports looks after sports side. While the Chairman Honour Committee and the Chief Cadet Captain are the college appointments.