55th Parents' Day was celebrated with colorful & dignified manners on Tuesday 13th December 2016 at Cadet College Petaro.

Chief Minister Sindh


55th Parent's Day was celebrated with colorful & dignified manners on Tuesday 13th December 2016 at Cadet College Petaro. Chif Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah was the chief guest, and a large number of parents, senior officers of armed forces, officials of different departments & civil services, dignitaries and prominent Petarians were attended the function.


The chief guest, while addressing the ceremony, he highlighted the importance of good quality of education under disciplined environment and said that Cadet College Petaro is the most prestigious educational institute of Sindh, which had been rendering yeoman services to the people of province in particularly and country in general and the quality of men who had graduated from this college in the yester year, he added.

Earlier, Principal cadet College Petaro Commodore Mehboob Elahi Malik SI (M), in his welcome address presented the Annual Report of the college and he highlighted the performance of cadets in the Academics, Sports and Co-curricular activities. He also mentioned some of the development works under going at Cadet College Petaro and said that the academic activities to improve standard of education in the College should be changed positively.


The chief guest expected that college would continue to maintain a high standard of educational, physical and moral excellence for which it was very well known. He addressed the Cadets that “ the parents day is a Day of your commitment and promise that will follow the cadet code of conduct whole heartedly”.


On the occasion the students of college displayed different healthy & sports activities like Parade, PT show, Karate, Gymnastic and exhibition of various clubs of cadets, which were appreciated the performances of cadets by the participants.


Parents' Day has a unique significance for cadets, Teachers and parents alike. It is the occasion that strengthens the triangular link; it provides the parents with an opportunity to see for themselves the living conditions, performances and achievements of their sons.


Besides through such contacts, parents may be in a position to contribute towards all kinds of improvements, resulting in a happy triangular relationship. This is the day on which, cadets feels proud of playing host to his parents. The college, therefore, holds the parent's day every year. The function includes presentation of the Principal annual report, award of honors to the cadets, distribution of prizes and display of March Past, P.T, Karate, Gymnastic and Tent-Pegging and finally an Exhibition of Arts, Handicrafts and photographs.